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Powerful Truckmount Unit
  If you are ready for a quality clean that leaves your carpet residue free and stays clean longer without taking the time or effort, Quality Carpet Cleaning  is ready to help. Our cleaning services cover a wide range of tasks to free up your time so you can concentrate on the important things in life - family, friends, career and hobbies.
Example of carpet cleaning   We offer competitive rates for all types of cleaning, including:
Carpet Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Oriental Rug Cleaning
Odor Removal
Carpet Re-stretching
       Why should you use us?
  We are a family owned and locally operated business ready to serve the entire metro area. Being certified by the The Clean Trust means that the proper techniques and latest methods are applied to each and every job. We use a powerful truck mount unit equipped with a roots 4.5 blower that's sure to leave your carpet drier in less time. Also, capable of reaching 1,500 p.s.i., we are able to reach the optimum pressure to properly clean  tile and grout.   An all fiber rinse is run through our solution line making sure the residue left behind from cleaning is rinsed away and the proper PH of your carpet is restored.
      What makes us different?
 Anyone that has been searching for a carpet cleaner knows that there are many choices and it can be tough to know which ones are good. Well we can assure you that if you choose us you will not be disappointed.  Extra steps are taken to make sure you get the highest quality job each and every time. Our equipment is  cleaned thoroughly in between jobs so you don't have to worry about dirty equipment coming into your home. There are plastic protectors on the brass fittings that connect our solution lines together to ensure no damage is caused to wood floors from excessive heat or from hoses getting dragged across them. Also, we put up corner guards to protect the corners of your walls. A PH meter is used at the end of each clean so that we know your carpet has been restored to a proper PH. This shows that we have not voided any carpet warranties and that your carpet will not soil faster after being cleaned by us. We also use boosters in our cleaning solutions such as enzymes to break down protein stains and oxygenators to brighten and clean even the dirtiest carpets.      
   Whats in store for the  future?

 We will always be looking for ways to better our service and have many ideas for making our service unique and affordable. We will soon offer services such as speed drying and will be able to offer different scented deodorizers to personalize each visit.
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